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Toyota hybrid electric car versus a regular petrol car; Is it worth buying?

Let’s take similar Toyota hybrid electric and petrol Toyota Yaris models for example, both 5 seats, around 10 sec to 100km/h performance. The Electric Prius C uses at least 3.9L per 100km. The Petrol Yaris Hatch uses around 5.7L per 100Km. The average drive away prices in Australia are $18.500AUD for the petrol car versus […]

Humans on Earth today behave like 4 year-olds

Humans on Earth today behave like 4–year-old girls with a hundred-dollar bill to spend. The little girl would waste all the money on chocolate or ice cream. She would eat sweets until she got very sick or even until it killed her. We too carelessly waste the Earth’s natural resources on attempts to satisfy our greed and […]