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New World order for dummies.

A history teacher at primary school used to tell us: to understand a social or political event always looks who started and who profit out of this. Lets see. “Scientific facts” about global warming are given by UN experts. UN of course took over the entire CO2 management. Hm. They cannot sell an air yet. […]

Immortality of excess. Who pays the bill ?

…. While the financial fallout of the mortgage meltdown has been well documented, the moral dimensions have not been widely discussed, religion experts say. …. .. many homebuyers may have acted immorally by living beyond their means and that borrowers are required to try to make good on their debts….. ……   Lenders who preyed on […]


Always a moral to Clooney’s story — Opinion — Home — brisbanetimes.com.au: At the end of movies, as soon as the credits roll the audience also starts to roll out of the theatre. By the time the credits are over, the theatre is empty. Yet when the credits rolled at the end of the session […]

MORE Sydney families are being pushed to the wall

from BSN MORE Sydney families are being pushed to the wall by financial pressures despite a three-decade low in unemployment. There were 6940 bankruptcies, debt agreements and personal insolvency agreements in Sydney last financial year, an increase of 16.4 per cent on the previous year. Another 5250 were registered between last June and February, suggesting […]

Free Market Starvation

Friday, September 21, 2007 The power of capitalist propaganda is immense. According to the ruling class media, the only system that starves anyone anymore is Communism. One hears this platitude over and over — Communism = starvation. It is true that 600,000 have starved to death in North Korea since the 1990’s. However, 14 million […]

Get wasted and reduce carbon emissions

Why ? Alcohol brings over %1000 of profit (higher is only an armour and drug trade). For example, a pub buys a VB beer for 2.4 cents per 1 LITER. %20 of profit goes to pub, %80 goes to government. Consumption of pure alcohol more then 5 litters per person per year lead to irreversible […]