Do not make me laugh! Inspired by Saturday Manly Daily column in Police Reports

Inspired by Manly Daily Police Reports column about crime Stoppers

I emigrated 1997. I stayed here mostly, because of good climate,
economical stability and peace. 10 year in Australia shows clear:
the first appearance was deceptive. I would say my honest naivety,
resistance to understand basic principals of human behavior and
self-denial made me to live in delusions for some time.


Australia is peaceful.

Before Australia, for the 20 years in one the most criminal country
(Russia) I have never seen crime.

Here in Australian, I have witnessed criminal activity and social
misbehavior many times. In all cases not only public remained
ignorant but the police I contacted show a little if any interest.
I honestly contacted police when needed ether directly to local
station or by the phone to “crime stoppers” or on
personal bases. Twice I literally have had ALL details of suspects;
police officers done NOTHING but suggested, in a polite form, not
to get involved. There is a common practice of “write
off” notebook. Officer pretending of doing report but
actually never does.

On two occasions I had contact with Dee Why police unit. In 1997 I
had to protocol an accident with me as a pedestrian victim. My
story has being written in little notebook. I was told to
“pick up report later “. Few days later the officer
“has gone for holiday” and a few moths later he still
was not available. I need report because knee injury.
Unfortunately, I was a tourist by then and did not persuade this
case. Injury courses me suffering still and I cannot do much
because of ‘helpful’ Dee Why police.

Second time, somebody picked up my valet fallen of my back pocket
in a bar at Manly. After a brief inquiry surrounding people it
become obvious, a law life group sitting next to me was involved.
Security guard talks to them and concluded, they‘ve done it,
but could do nothing, as there is no witness apart of my friend. I
went to Manly police station. They suggested NOTHING saying they
“can not proof or force people to testify”.
Hilariously, coming back to bar shows that the grope getting pissed
on bourbon and vodka at the time when they had no money initially
to buy even a cheap beer. Thanks to that incident – I quit
with alcohol completely.

Other time I cought two junkies braking in to my car in a
city. I spoke to them friendly, avoiding confrontation. I TOOK A
PICTURE of them and they car. They were scared and aggressive as I
was doing that. I called CRIME STOPPERS. They only suggested go to
my local Dee Why police station. 1 am. Instead of going sleep I
went to police. Two fat officers, just like in a Simpson’s,
having they late Chinese takeaway barely shown an interest. A woman
officer, with a fat hanging over her trousers, wrote my story in a
little NOTE BOOK and takes my pictures of criminals. I have not
heard from them since. (Mind, I gave them clear digital
pictures of criminals and they car plate numbers). Two weeks later
coincidently, my car was broke in to in the same area in a city. Is
this how crime prevention program works?

I do not want to mention other anecdote and sad stories. Other time
I actually done job for criminals wanted by Manly Daily and
personally a victim. Of course, Manly police told me “not get

Doing jobs (on home computer repairs) for few officers shown simple
fact: police are not only regular people. Worse – people
start law enforcement carrier because they give up other
professions. Having ambitions they are not brave or smart enough
to commit even a crime.  So they are join «good» part of the same crowd.

After all, why should I care? Fear and ignorance are the best
quality of peasants. Did you ever kick a sheep? It bleaps and goes
with a flock avoiding harm. Without this reflex a flock would not
go under a knife. Such a peasant’s behavior is the very base
of “healthy” economy; it is a labor and main force of
the system.

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