coefficient of happiness

Count how much time/money you’ve spend doing something because you HAVE TO DO but NOT enjoying and how much spent on something you actually ENJOYING DOING.

A ratio gives you coefficient of happiness. This coefficient during lifetime (draw a graph) gives you an idea whether you are going towards your happiness or self-destruction.

The same coefficient estimated for a nation is an index of nation happiness (or reverse would coefficient of slavery)?

Coefficient of happiness: H = Joy Time / The rest. not injoyable Time = Tj/Tw

Most of people spent they life at work. And 95% of people do not like your jobs.

H = Joy Time / Time at work = Tj/Tw

We see that more time you spent at work LESS happy you’ve become:

Childhood: Work time = 0 => H = ∞
Adultery: JoyTime close to 0, Money spend to mountain old body close to ∞ => H=0
Ok. What about money?
Assuming you’ve got paid by hour. Total money earned: $ = Tw x $R where $R your hourly rate.
Time at work: Tw = $/$R
Then happiness H=Tj/Tw=(Tj x $R)/$

We see that earning more money with extra time at work decreases your happiness!

Increasing hourly rate does not improve your happiness. But decreasing time at work with higher pay to get payd in total LESS will.

What is the solution for workers on an hourly rate? Work as less as possible and just enough for keeping healthy life style and more time for things you like to do the most!

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