Фильм Кин-дза-дза за 6 минут

6 минутный видео клипп собранный из фильма Кин-дза-дза

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киндза дза kindzaza Russia 1986
Kin-Dza-Dza is a name for a grass grown in Georgia. When cigarettes finished travelers trying to smoke kin-dza-zda (which is just a spice herb), left in Georgian’s suitcase. Perhaps it is reference to marihuana. Early 80’s when film made marihuana spread widely from Afghanistan to Russia (because of Afghan war). Film was made just before Russia changed to free market economy. It a satire on capitalist system. Movie starts and finishing with an old song «mama mama what we are going to do?».
Movie loved by Russian generation grown in a time of change from one political system to other.

Two Humans, «Uncle Vova» and «Skripach»(Fiddler) pushing the wrong button on a teleportation device in the hand of an odd hobo claiming to be an alien. Planet «Plyuk» in the galaxy «Kin-Dza-Dza» is a desert. They converted all water on a planet to fuel. Now they convert fuel to drink water… «aliens» can understand Russian, after reading uncle Vova’s mind. Their own language limited to 11 words — 10 plus «KU» — all other words. Plyuk ‘s civilization is much more advanced technologically but barbarian in the other way. There is only one way to identify two classes of creatures by pointing a little device on the person, orange light — «Chitlanin» (superior), green — «Patsak» (lower class). Lower class must do sit-ups and stay in a cage in front of superior. The most valued things on the planet are matches. Matchers are a life in prison contraband on Plyuk. The prestige on that planet (and number of sit-ups) judged by pants color. Yellow pants — sign of royalty. There was a remark proudly spoken by Plukanian — «when society has no pants color differentiation — there is no meaning (of life), when there is no meaning….(interrupted by Russian as non important in the moment of teleportation back to Earth)». Before that two Plukanians converted to a grass (just because they are Plukanians) on the planet (Alfa), which governor stated that Plukanians are «barbarians devoured by awful passions».

Words spoken by Vova when saw aliens first time (appeared to be basking musicians) — «capitalist country… translate them that we do not have any money..»

Movie editing software used: Nero Vision Express (free add-on
for DVD burner).

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