co2 emissions — fraud

Fossil fuel consumption increased exponentially for the last thousand years. However, the limit of resources showing up sharply. From a system control theory, it is known that to suppress an exponential system response (to prevent osciliation, phase shift = end of life cycles, violence ) there should be exponentional feedback applied with at negative sign and at least the same parameter. A trivial example is a Frequency compensation.
 In simple terms – an aggressive «over consuming»  “progress” must be reverse with at least the same intensively. Then it will take an other thousand years to slow down. Linear limitation of one of the system parameters ( like a side effect — co2 ) will not make any difference at all !

It is like speeding 100mph towards the concrete wall and just thinking of taking a foot of the accelerator ! We do not even have brakes in our “vehicle” of progress. This vehicle is not design to stop (if ever designed at all). Closing a fuel pipe wont help ether).  I’d rather look for a safe turn or a catapult ! Like a mass suicide or something.

All this co2 talks – is just fraud in order earned extra global cash, extra jobs, and votes. Such global “maybe” subjects create public fear (similar to Sep11 scam) and escapism from other more serious local issues like health and education. Using fear to achieve something is actually a terrorism.

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