Why I do not learn English properly?

Probably because I’m very lazy or retarded. Other excuse?
Why would I learn language of a civilization which managed f*k up planet in a less then 200 years? Why should I understand those who I do not respect? Why should I learn language (and logic) descenders of Rome and Greek civilizations wich base existence on military expansion and homosexualism? Very roots of democracy established by fagots. So did modern capitalism. No mentioning that limitations of English leads to multi meaning, such way that understanding of simple objects become crossed over to each other and easy manipulated. That way a lot of crap created. It is ok. Making crap consumning a lot of energy. Wasting energy is what humans are for (right?). And to get hold on more resources/energey they multiply like rabbits. Then they feed they familys by making and feeding each other more crap.  Eventualy English culture is parasitic, not sustainable, perverted to a manhood and have no future. English has only one good purpose – technical. It is language of describing simple systems and control them. English is a language of slaves, serving this system. Slaves reaping each other off in attempt to built temple to it self. A temple made of paper, carbon and still (house, cars, money). Such values self dissolve during the life span of slaves. So why bother to follow them?

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