alternative to market — p2p goods distribution system

Incoming crisis may urge to develop alternative goods distribution system. Is faulty marketing system necessary ? For greed and planet destruction yes. But not for humans.

An example is pear-to-pear system developed in 2007 for disasters such as hurricanes
iCare This is a venture based at the University of California at Berkeley. It was prompted by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, and like all good ideas its premise is very simple. Official attempts to help the people of New Orleans were dogged by inefficiency and red tape. The unofficial efforts organized by websites like Craigslist (, on the other hand, met with success because they were not hampered by hierarchies of communication.
So students Anand Kulkarni and Ephrat Bitton came up with the idea of matching the needy with companies or individuals who can supply exactly what they are short of….

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