Intellectual property – progress killer

Imagine an inventor of steel claimed intellectual rights on it? How much would you pay for a car now? Probably an inventor had had a benefit during his lifetime. But did his kids capable of investing fortune in to good? May be not. More likely they would fight for power, start a war or something.

Knowledge is copied easily reducing human suffering. But a group of people “protecting” an invention of a one man consumes many times more energy than needed to create this knowledge! Inventions generally are to ease life, therefore saving energy. But demanding inappropriate payouts for knowledge reduces to zero any energy savings. That way, company’s Intellectual property is energy unsustainable or even dangerous to humanity.

Such an Intellectual Property is an abstraction to a progress and a source for parasites and violence.

Transparency of information flow, from beginning to the end consumer, though, is necessary to encourage creativeness. Transparency to extend that end consumer would have direct contact with creator and manufacture.
Unfortunately today’s marketing optimised to increase profit, not quality of the product. An original creator has no chance of getting customer feedback, nether correct his mistakes or get any moral satisfaction from his creations (apart of financial).

Therefore modern economy — anti human! A chain from creator to consumer is broken. System is optimised to produce more useless crap as long as it sells. While there are developing countries up there – the sh*t flow goes, but not for long. Eventually everyone will live in a cheap gyproc houses they pay off for life and furnished with nice looking Chinese made crap, which brakes in 2 years’ time. Oil consumed, planet wasted. You will not want more kids because it is all wasted on fun. But Asians breaded on your money multiplied and come to buy off your country soon.
Now what? Are you happy?

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