The Reasons of the world financial crisis.

From Forbes

‘Twelve months ago Moscow overtook New York as the billionaire capital of the world, with 74 tycoons to New York’s 71. Today there are 27 in Moscow and 55 in New York.

After slipping in recent years, the U.S. is regaining its dominance as a repository of wealth. Americans account for 44% of the money and 45% of the list’s slots, up seven and three percentage points from last year, respectively. Still, it has 110 fewer billionaires than a year ago.’

That means that during the crisis richest of the richest in USA become more reach for the expense of foreigners and American people!

A BBC article on the same subject with countries comparison statistics has been rewritten . It had comparison graphs by country.

It was easy to see that for the time of the crisis US wealthiest people lost around %20 while they opponent in Europe %50. That means US rich become 1.6 times richer relatively to the rest of the world and even more compare to other people with less then a billion.

What it means? Assume you have had a $10bn and your Russian concurrent had $10bn before crisis. Now you have 8bn and Russian has 5bn… Besides Russian losers do not get many rescue packages as US’s do.

So who is at fault and who wins?

The crisis was consequences of decisions or luck of responsibility of the few top guys.

Now international economy and working masses will pay them even more!

There is possibility that there isn’t world economic crisis but the biggest scam of all times.

По журналу Форбс

Первая статья появилась в BBC со сравнительными графиками по разным странам, из которых было ясно, что Американские миллионеры потеряли примерно %20, а зарубежные около %50. Это значит что, инициировав кризис, богатейшие люди Америки стали в 1.6 раза богаче зарубежных и ещё больше всех остальных людей!

Спустя пару дней это статью в BBC переписали уже без графика и расклада по странам.

Что это значит? К примеру у вас было 10 миллиардов и у вашего аммериканского конкурента тоже 10 миллиардов. Теперь у вас 5 миллиардов а у американца 8!..

Вот вам причина и цель.

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