Australian character

Australia is combining natural resources, fantastic weather and …. good weather.
As for people?
“…it so easy that it takes only one Australian man to operate this …” — from Futurama

How much does it take for an Australian man to tell to other Australian that he is an idiot? They do quite often but behind each other’s back! This “tolerance” is confused with ignorance. It is easy to ignore the problem and «fake it till you make it » than solving it. The result of faking — everybody fakes, and nobody does the job! Everybody eventually feeds each other with crap, pathetically pretending that they respect each other. While you are trying to fake, immigrants come and take on your country without the fight.

Ignorance is comfortable. Why:
1.    An idiot may feel good about himself without actuality applying any efforts to fix nonsense.
2.    By comparing themselves with somebody worst then them people may laugh and have reason believe they are better than average. Example: sitcoms popular because losers can watch imaginary idiots and feel better without doing anything at all.

Idiots may create a circle of friends or subculture to share the same delusion. A localised world of comfortable escapism may be created.

Nonproductive lies consume energy and must be supported from outside. Conditions for stable delusion are:
1. The constant incoming flow of power such as natural resources, foreign labour. Most of the consumed energy spent to support bs to attract more energy (losers) and consume (produce) more bs.
2. A supporter for delusions must be present. Therefore a subject for bullying must always be present. Strangers (freaks or “outsider” or “fresher”) must be protected by law. Immigration policy must be robust to stop more parasite from getting in. Children (as a source of fresh, natural idiots) must be protected before the system can use them!

Negative points:
Eventually, you will face consequences of the ignored problem.
For example, you may say that smoking is ok or even cool, but eventually, you will get sick or even die. It may take time for consequences to take place. The time may be long enough that somebody else, not you, like future generation, will pay your bill.

You may have to consume a lot of drugs and medications, alcohol to keep yourself delusional. Reducing health that way you increase suffering when getting older.
Therefore such a passive consumption and escapism my work for a long time before natural resources run out or ecological disaster strikes.

So next time you see somebody does something stupid – tell him! He may say something useful in reply to you J) and be thankful later.